About Us

Mission Statement

We aim to instill confidence and

to cultivate a deeper appreciation of

the Performing Arts.

Vision Statement

To implement cultural programs,

to promote a creative social interaction,

and instill a sense of pride and accomplishment

in the participants.

Founders Notes

"My name is Rebecca Gonzalez and I am the founder of Rose Music & Company. Even though I am the founder this vision started with a man named John Rose. John Rose was a music educator for 41 years where he was last known as the choral director of Coral Reef Senior High School. He had a 3 tier dream of sharing  music with students, teachers, and administrators. As his daughter and a music educator myself I have founded Rose Music & Company in his memory to continue his legacy. This company is committed to providing musical experiences to youth, teachers, and aspiring professionals in the community. We seek to touch people’s lives by nurturing a vibrant arts community, fostering artistic excellence, and bringing people together for powerful shared experiences."