Rose Music and Company is dedicated to the longevity of arts in the community. We provide musical experiences to youth, teachers, and aspiring professionals. We seek to touch people’s lives by nurturing a vibrant arts community, fostering artistic excellence and bringing people together for powerful shared experiences. Rose Music and company is dedicated to promotion and advancing the performing, visual, and creative arts through performances, master classes, camps, leadership conferences, and outreach programs.

Rose Music Camp is a featured experience through Rose Music and Company that is committed to making a positive difference in the lives of youth through the performing arts. We believe that the lives of people, especially our youth, are enriched through participation in music and the arts. When given healthy outlets and instruction, our youth will choose to use their lives in a positive way - especially through musical and artistic expression.

Rose Music Camp is a combination of Choral, Instrumental, Drama, Dance, and Musical Theater principals. Each student will receive exceptional training by some of the best professionals in the state of Florida. These instructors will be able to hone on each child’s individual skill. The intensity of specific principal classes is to ensure creative expression and artistic development within each student.

With all the hard work put into the experience students are able to have lots of fun and make lifelong friendships. On several occasions we have even graduated campers who come back as counselors in their junior and senior year of high school. Several students go on to majoring in the performing arts and working for companies such as Disney.

I.Performing Arts Camp ages 7-12
   Campers will take classes in chorus, dance, drama and musical theater. We also like to stay close to a traditional camp so there will be games, crafts (we will have an artist on site to help) and more! 

II. Conservatory ages 13-18 
     Campers will go through a more focused / individualized curriculum. Voice Lab (will received one on one and ensemble training), musicianship class (learn how to read and compose music), dance, drama and musical theater class. *no prior training necessary! We can teach everything on site! The first day of camp students will be placed in a class according to what they come to camp already knowing. 

III. Leadership Program 
     This program runs parallel with the Conservatory. Campers will have to apply for this program through a short entrance essay. This Leadership program takes those students about to graduate and enter college / workforce through a 3 week course or using their talents and gifts for personal growth. Through this program students will also be able to lead specific classes through dance, chorus, drama and more! 


Miami Children's Chorus is a partner with Rose Music & Company  and will be providing vocal instruction for Rose Music Performing Art's Camp.